Time Frame for Becoming a Foster Parent

When you are ready to become a foster parent, it can seem like time drags on until you receive your first placement. Keep in mind that there are multiple steps required to become licensed. These steps are meant to keep the child safe by ensuring they go to a capable, compatible home. On average, the … Read moreTime Frame for Becoming a Foster Parent

Things You Need to Know about Becoming a Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent can be a rich, rewarding experience for many families hoping to open their homes to children in temporary need. It is important, however, to go into fostering with realistic expectations. There are many things you need to know prior to making such a large decision. Becoming Licensed is a Process to … Read moreThings You Need to Know about Becoming a Foster Parent

Can I Foster as A Single Parent?

When people think of foster parents, they often imagine a couple who takes in children. If you are unmarried, though, you might wonder if you can foster as a single parent. The good news is that your marital status does not influence your ability to become a foster parent. As a single parent, though, you … Read moreCan I Foster as A Single Parent?

Respite Provider: Unsung Hero in Foster Care

Respite Providers Bring Relief While most folks have a basic understanding of foster care and how it works, becoming a respite provider is a unique way to serve kids as well. As fellow foster parents, it requires a unique kind of hero to make this special commitment. A reputable foster care agency or program strives … Read moreRespite Provider: Unsung Hero in Foster Care

Foster Parenting: What Does It Take?

A mother and daughter playing at home in a tent.

What Does it Take to Foster? With the current political climate, helping children is on a lot of people’s minds. But what can be done? Some people might protest. Others might donate to campaigns or organizations that can help. But, anyone looking for an incredibly fulfilling way to help children should consider becoming a foster … Read moreFoster Parenting: What Does It Take?

Oklahoma Needs Foster Parents Like You

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TFI Family Connections is a privately owned nonprofit organization that provides foster care services for children and families in Oklahoma. We want to help guide you through the three to twelve month process to receive a foster parent license. Here is some of the information you will need to get started: Providing Stability The foster care system … Read moreOklahoma Needs Foster Parents Like You

The Top Benefits Realized by Children in Stable Foster Homes

When a child receives news that they are being welcomed into a safe and loving home with open arms, they are immediately filed with hope that their future will get better. Children in the foster care system have been tossed around, forgotten, and neglected by families, adults, communities, and the system. All they want is to be wanted.

Why Right Now is the Time for You to Consider Becoming a Foster Parent

Thousands of children are bouncing around the American foster care system today, waiting to be adopted into a family they can call their own. With figures reporting that more than 428,000 children are available for adoption at any given time the United States, the number appears to be increasing since the turn of the century.

Why Do Children End Up in the Foster Care System?

Throughout the United States, thousands of children, every single year, end up in the American foster care system. Although you may be aware of the dire need for parents, adults, and caretakers to step up and provide a safe and supportive environment for these displaced children, most people don’t like to think about the reasons why we need a foster care system in the first place.

The Top Misconceptions About Becoming a Foster Parent

When children are unable to grow up in a loving home, with their biological parents, in a safe and guarded community, unfortunate scenarios, situations, and misconceptions start to surface. Foster parenting is still wholly misunderstood by individuals today, leading to false information and myths about the process that can deter and misinform potentially interested parents.