Starting the process

  1. Apply
  2. Walkthrough/House Assessment
    • A worker will complete an assessment of your home, and help you identify any changes that may be needed to meet the certification requirements.
  3. Fingerprints
    • You will be scheduled to have fingerprints run on each adult living in your home, so that Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation background checks can be done. Where possible, these will be done through “livescan” to speed up the process.
  4. Training
    • You will complete 27 hours of Guiding Principles training and 6 hours of Orientation. Much of the training can be completed in the comfort of your home.
  5. Home Study
    • A worker will meet with you several times to gather information to learn about you and your family. This information will be compiled in a home study, which you will review and approve.
  6. Documentation
    • You will need to submit documentation to verify and support the home study information. This will include copies of your driver’s license, social security card, marriage and divorce certificates, medical/health assessments, and financial information such as pay stubs or tax forms.
  7. Sign Contracts
    • You will sign contracts and agreements with Department of Human Services (DHS) and TFI outlining your and our responsibilities.
  8. TFI approval
    • TFI approves your home and submits your DHS contract to DHS. Once this is submitted, foster children are able to be placed into your home immediately!

Foster Parent Training

  • TFI Family Connections’ 6 hour Orientation training.
    • In person training to orient you to TFI and DHS policies.
  • Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Bridge Resource Families, a 27 hr. pre-service training.
    • TFI offers this through an “online” or DVD video version of 21 hours combined with 6 hours (sessions 4 and 5) in person training. The in-person training can be done in a group session or one on one.
      • You will receive an email with a link to the training and instructions to completing the training.
      • A Training Handbook will be either mailed or delivered to you when your Foster Care Worker visits. This Handbook is also available on the training webpage.
      • Each caregiver must complete the Guiding Principles training.
      • Your foster care worker will schedule sessions 4 and 5 with you.
    • If you prefer all of the training to be done in person, your foster care worker will get you enrolled in this training.
  • 12 hours of continuing in-service training annually.
    • TFI provides training at support group meetings on a monthly basis.
    • Online training provided by the OKDHS Foster Parent Resource Center is available.
    • TFI provides training at our Foster Parent Retreat annually as well.
    • TFI provides notice of other training opportunities throughout the year.