How to Become a Foster Parent in 2018

Right now, there are many thousands of children placed into out of home care. Yet, there are vastly fewer potential homes registered, creating a massive gap that contributes to children being placed outside of their home communities in shelters. When this happens to them, they lose their friends, family, schools, teachers, and connection to their community – which is critical for children living in a fostering situation.

Foster parents are direly needed right now, for children of all ages, to provide safe, nurturing, and supporting environments.

February 2018 – Between Families Newsletter

Allegations Happen:
How to Prevent and Survive Them

Foster and adoptive families who have lots of children, including children of different races, and who have been fostering for a long time are at greater risk of being reported for alleged abuse. All families who care for children with special needs face some risk, and every parent can take steps to keep situations from turning into allegations. Below are some ideas for parents to consider.